Dynamic address claim

Codie 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 2

We are a manufacturing company utilizing MD4's and MC43's to control Hybrid transmissions. I want to be able to keep the same program and not have to adjust the source address all the time. These transmissions must connect to each other over CAN and communicate for several functions. The address claim in Iqan will disable if two modules have the same address. Is there a way to make them dynamic so if Address EX: 23 is already taken it will move its address to 24 and so on. I have used the Initializing source address to make these adjustable but its not really ideal as these could have to be setup daily.


The j1939 messages have an adjustable source address in them that can be changed from the Default (module's SA) - so that a module without the SA can send out messages as if they were coming from a different source address.

The address claim for IQAN modules is designed as "single address capable", with the source address set at design time (or through a parameterization  in your case). 

The method for "arbitrary address capable" nodes is not supported.

I think that the method with configuring SA through a parameter in initialization is the best in this case.