Dynamic Source Address Claimed by Sensor

Arbutus 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3

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We are using a pair of STW T01 J1939 Temperature sensors connected independently to the "C" bus on an MD4-7. The sensors create dynamic Source Address on start up - am looking for a way to use the Initialization Function group to read the two source address' and populate that value into the appropriate sensor source address field. Assume we can use CFG_NET_AddrRange to read that value but not sure a) how to identify one sensor from the other and b) once the value is read to populate the source address into the source address field?

You could use an integer parameter in Initailization to change the source address. 

The change will take place after rebooting the MD4. 

It will have to be a configuration when the machine is commissioned, it can't be done on the fly. 

If the sensors change source address on each startup, that would be problematic. 

Thank you Gustav

So it sounds like it would be best to make a separate program to configure these sensors.

In order to configure this sensor for IQAN then, we need to first set it into static address mode and then give it an address. I think we can do this in initialization with two integer parameters = first setting the management type then the source address. 

Where I get stuck is what SA to use for the sensor when IQAN can't see it without a source address to begin with.


You could probably make a small application to configure the sensors one at a time. 

It could work if your sensor supports commanded address (PGN 65240), and store this in non-volatile memory. Then you could send a JFOUT with this message. 

From the printscreen, it looks like the sensor has a default SA. That should be the starting point for a non-configured sensor. 

With this info, you can have a JFIN-channel to listen to the address claimed and record the NAME, and then use this to send the commanded address message.