IQAN training courses 2021

Thomas Moberg (System support) 4 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Edward Polzin 3 years ago 3

Here are links to the scheduled IQAN training courses for machine designers in 2021

IQAN training schedule US

IQAN training schedule Sweden

-IQANdesign training including IQANsimulate and IQANrun

-IQANdesign online training including IQANsimulate and IQANrun

On request.

-Functional safety with EN 13849-1 and IQAN-MC4xFS



i have two iaqn mdl2. one in new status and blank and one in stock.

i connect to stock one by iqanrun2 and read it. but when i want "get application"

need password.

i create safe password in many ways. full access, login, limit access...

but problem didn't solved.

how can i get application and send it into new blank iqanmdl2?


I'm looking to get registered for the October training by Sweden.  How would I go about doing this?

I'm in Canada.

Or does the US offer any 2021 training?  The posting only listed 2020.

The year is incorrect in the listing online.  The next IQAN training is Nov 15 -18 (half days) and will be offered online only.  Please send an email to ed.polzin@parker.com if you are interested in signing up and I will add you to the meeting invites with additional preparation instructions.  Thank you.