Block reflash when a function is active

David 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 3 years ago 3


Is there a way to block the MC43 reflash when a Function is active?


For remote connections, you can connect a channel to the property "allow remote stop".

(the default setting is "ask user", with this a dialog is presented on the system display)

For local connections, the thinking is that the technician on site will check that that the machine is positioned in a safe way. What you might want to consider is having  both send settings and send application protected by a user login. 

Thanks for the response, but I guess my question was unclear.

I'll try to clarify my point. 

I have a critical function that I would not like to be interrupted. I would like to make sure that in those conditions, the MC43 cannot be reprogrammed. This action could not even take place when the operator is directly connected to the unit. 

Is there a variable/parameter that we can use to limit the programmation of the unit?


From what I understand iQAN-modules are designed with the assumption that cutting power to the module will always leave the machine in a safe state.

If you have a critical function that must not stop I'm afraid you need another system with PLC redundancy.