where to get example files to learn from ?

chuck streb 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Andy 2 years ago 4

i haven't been able to file any training manuals, just the 5 YouTube video's. Could you point me in the right direction? getting up to speed.


Check the last chapters of the IQANdesign manual and play around with the forklift/wheel loader examples :)

Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLml3JrpqoJ1XgLbk29C-8Nfjc-BcEh2tN

The forklift and wheel loader examples that Jan mentions 

(you find these under my documents/IQAN files)

Also check the solutions library for some small template functions

Gustav, where can I find solutions library please? Thanks 


1) From inside design start a new project.

2) Add a master controller it probably doesn't matter which one. But in doing so you will get a new option under application Logic that will have a name that relates to the master controller type you added. In my case I added a MD4-10 display and I get "New display module application (MD4-10(0))" Id try and add something like a modern display and/or an MC43 so that whatever channels the solution uses will be available on the module type you've chosen without having to add expansion modules later...

3) Go to the new Application logic entry and mouse into the main window section.

4) Click on the Yellow Add button.

5) In the new pop up window you'll see there are 3 tabs along the top Channels (Which is what we mostly use on a day to day basis) Solutions (which is what we are all talking about here) and External.

6) Under Solutions pick a solution that might interest you and a fully connected  example of all the channels needed to produce that solution will be loaded. In some cases the example will work straight away through the simulate function so you can see exactly how it works, in others there will be specific channels that need to be allocated to specific modules/pins before they will work/simulate.