Simulate Clone file without any hardware

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On behave of service we like to simulate customer Clone files, without any hardware to be easily helpful to our costumer.

This should be able by opening Clone file with Design.

Our multi master application needs all masters in clone file: check.........If not : message -could not open- appears

Clone version, Simulate version and Design version should match: Check

While the Clone file is opening, message setting to default confirmation appears, both options [Yes] or [No],  applied, 

but both options give the same result:

When Design (communication set to [Simulate]) is ready: 

1....Run  [ ► ]  or (F9)   Simulate will boot (Set to [NEW] and ready for simulate:  

Unfortunately all (state parameters) settings are set to default

2....Send Project [ |→] of [F11]:

error -Communication interface error, socket Error # 10061-  appears

To your information: Used software version Design-5.08 and Clone (Run) -5.07 and Simulate -5.08.

Is there a way to Simulate customer Clone file as service wishes ??


You can simulate a clone file with the use of IQANrun and IQANsimulate. 

1. In IQANsimulate, either select New master and choose the right type (works only for single master), or Open the .idax/.idsx file (works for both single and multi-master systems)

2. Start the simulation from IQANsimulate.

3. Send the clone file from IQANrun.

If you do not start the simulation before sending, you will have the somewhat cryptic message about socket error.

The clone file can be from a single or multi-master system. But it cannot be an incomplete clone. 

With this method of sending the clone from IQANrun to IQANsimulate, there is no need to modify the original application. The method you tried with importing the clone to IQANdesign give the option to replace application defaults with adjustable values. Not every channel type falls into this category, there are also the channels that are of type stored  (e.g. timers and event counters), these are not imported to IQANdesign when opening a clone. The State Parameter channel is of type stored.

I follewed your instruction steps 1 to 3, regarding text below these instructions, but unfortunately no positive results, 

when sending clone, failure occured, 

when sending settings, failure occured, 

see attached files.

Under review


I moved the crash reports you attached to a helpdesk ticket. 


Crash reports were from running out of memory in IQANsimulate 5.