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script for IQANgo

Tim P Harris 3 years ago in IQANgo updated by Pierre Fagrell 3 years ago 3

I have a customer who has requested to use IQANgo with scripts. ideally he would like to upload the reports to the tablet or Ipad . I know from previous posts that there were no plans to add this feature. is this still the case?

That would be a really cool feature.

A script that downloads some log files automatically and saves to onedrive/dropbox in the phone, maybe even with some formatting done.

It could also reset a timer in the machine so it does not bother the operator about downloading logs for another X days.

Under review

For now, IQANrun is the software that can run scripts, but it could be interesting change of the feature set for the future.

It is my impression that file operations have to be boxed in quite well on both Android and iOS, compared to a PC. Not sure if features like automatic uploads to another location could be feasible. 

If you do add script support for IQANgo I think that would make many people consider purchasing IQANscript.

When that is done adding file uploads is just a matter of including an api and a few lines of code for each of the popular cloud services. The file goes directly to the service without using the phone file system.

It would be really cool to be able to write a script like:

if (dropbox.save==success) then set machine.adjustoption[status] = on

Also it would of course be really nice to use regular scripts with IQANgo.