Todd F Reddick 3 years ago in IQANgo updated by Andy 3 years ago 3

Hi, any plans to allow customization with IQAN GO so that a tablet can be used as an HMI?

IQANgo works on both tablets and phones. It is designed to be a service tool, but it sounds as if you are thinking of having a tablet permanently fitted to the machine? 

For a permanent HMI for the machine operator, I think that a proper display like the IQAN-MD4 should be used. 

On a related topic, there is recent feature request for gauges on IQANgo here:


(more about a nice way to improve readability of measure items) 

Yes, we use tablets for that now. The MD4 cannot play tutorial videos or track finger placement on the touch screen to allow us to interpret finger/thumb open/close to adjust a parameter up/down, like when you pinch your thumb and fingetr on your iPhone to expand a pic to zoom in/out

I like this idea as well, we have some big horizontal grinders that are controlled by an operator in an excavator that is feeding the machine with trees/stumps etc. If I use a MD4 display in the excavator as the control device for the HG then I need to have a separate wireless client mechanism that can connect to the MD4 ethernet connection that can connect to the AP in the machine, whereas a tablet has all that built in.....On the otherhand having some inputs on the MD4 that are critical to the safe operation of the HG can then be used to detect loss of control due to interference/bad coverage etc) Having an 802.11(insert type here) wireless card built into the MD4 (and the mechanism to associate with an AP via some form of display menu) would go a long way to solving this issue and make laptop based updates a whole lot easier than mucking around with additional H/W to get a wired connection working.