unable to find all public scope input and outputs

chuck streb 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 3


I am taking over someone's code that has uses public scope tags. I am not able to find all the tags that read the transmitter tag. I do a find and then try find next (F3). I get a couple but not all receiver tags. I can see some receivers that where not found by find by manually looking through a lot of code. Very frustrating to have to go through all the code looking for these tags. Any fix or method that works at finding tags


Thank you


Have you tried using the component navigator, Ctrl-J ?


In larger projects or when having a lot of public scope channels, Ctrl+J is your friend.

If you are browsing for one type of channel, the "Channels" at the bottom of Application Logic on the left can also be a helpful filter.