IQANgo Crashes During Get Clone From Machine.

Zachary Shewchuk 3 years ago in IQANgo updated 3 years ago 6

IQANgo (running on a Medion tablet) crashes when connected via Bluetooth after a transfer of about 4800KBytes. I have about 5GB free storage on my tablet, more on an SD card but the app does not allow selecting the storage location. No problem getting a smaller file like Settings" Any ideas why?


Zachary Shewchuk


Super response to my relatively minor issue.

I am very happy.

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I don't think it is the storage that is the problem. 

Is the firmware in the G11 up to date?

How does the IQANgo app look when it crashes? 

I do get a message about the G11 firmware but our supplier has told me to ignore it.

How do I update it?

The app just goes black and stops when it crashes.

If I re-open it there is no file in the manage files list.

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To answer to the question about firmware update: 

If the G11 you are connecting to has old firmware, the IQANgo app will give a dialog asking if you want to update. 

Just press yes, and the update will start:

With that said, I don't think the problem you saw is related to old firmware. 

We've found a bug that can happen on Android devices, that will be fixed in the next IQANgo version


Changed topic to bug. Can happen on Android devices when getting large clone files or measuring. 


I tested it yesterday, works very well.