Stopping an parameter from being copy through a clone.

Ryan 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 6

I have a integer parameter that represents the address of a piece of equipment(MD4 is master) at a site.  There are other identical pieces of equipment at the site that will have different addresses(saved as integer parameters). (all using the same Project)

My issue is, that if someone clones (with settings) the Project from one piece of equipment and loads it into a different piece of equipment, both pieces of equipment will have the same address.  

These pieces of equipment get paired, wirelessly, with common control devices(using J1939), so they have to use the same Project with the MD4 address.  

So, is there a way to stop a parameter value from being copied through a clone(with setting) to a different MD4?

Ideally I would like the parameter to be set to the default until someone goes into the adjust menu and sets it.

If there was a way to stop all parameters from being copy using cloning for this Project, that would be ok too.

What you can do is to put the parameter in an Adjust group of its own, and set a higher security level on that group than you have on other groups. 

When sending the clone, the master module checks if the IQANrun user has logged in with the right access level for updating the adjustable value. 


Thank you, I think we can make that work for our application.

Doesn't the new "Unrestricted send setting" negate this ablility to put a channel into a higher level adjust group and it not be over written with a clone. How could you have a timer, like machine hours, not get over written by a clone and still allow the other high level channels to update. Do all timers update with a clone or only the ones in an adjust item? Could a 2nd timer be used as a comparison to the adjustable timer or would it be updated as well?

Yes, if the IQANrun/IQANgo user logs in with the access level needed for Unrestricted send settings, then sending a clone will override all settings.

If a stored channel such as TMR is not in an adjust group, it will not be protected by any access level and will always be overwritten with the value from the clone/settings file. 

So to preserve settings values when sending clone files back to a machine, you need to have these in adjust groups with the on the highest access level, Root, and keep Root as the access level for Unrestricted send settings.