IQAN DRS VS Active Studio upgrade

Adrien Léauté 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 6


We are in process to upgrade our IQAN Design to the latest version 6

we have a Creative Studio Licence and on the Iqan Store I dont know what to choose between:

DRS (Developer Bundle) which cost around 2300€ and include Design/Run/Script or Design 6 (1400€)

under Design 6, there is a text below: If you have an expired license for IQAN Creative Studio or IQANdesign 1.x you can upgrade to a subscription license here

So does it mean that under my Creative Licence, only Design will upgrade to version 6 or Run and Simulate will also follow to version 6?



Only IQANdesign needs the new subscription type license to be updated. 

IQANsimulate is now free, and you can use your old Creative Studio license for IQANrun 6.  

Hello Gustav,

5 min ago, I buy the Design software about 1400€ using my previous Creative Studio licence number

and in fact the yearly fee will only be about 200€, not 1400€! correct?

1400€ is only at first start?

I dont really see the advantage using my previous Creative Studio licence number because I have received a new licence number anyway and it was no special offer/discount compare to buying a new Design licence...or I missed something?!



Yes, the yearly fee for renewal of IQANdesign subscription is only a fraction of that of a new one (rounded differently depending on region but roughly 20% of the price for a new license). 

There should have been a coupon code produced when you entered the old creative studio license. 

hello Gustav,

I see Coupon but we did not get any coupon with our old Creative Studio licence and its probably too late since I have already paid.




Hej Gustav,

Tack sa mycket :-)