Use 2 touch buttons at same time

Giel Coopman 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 3 years ago 2


Is it possible to use 2 touch button at the same time?

For safety reasons I can't make them toggle buttons.

So what I need is to push on Avant (left) & Avant (right) at the same time.

Image 2446

Just my 2 cents, I am 99.9% sure this is not possible as the MD4 is only capable of using a single tough. I would be interested to know if this has changed though. 

The MD4 do not have any multitouch functionality implemented.

We have also deemed that this is not a functionality that we are going to implement for the moment.

If it really is for safety, i strongly advise you not to use touch buttons.

The touch buttons are not intended to operate any machine motion, especially not one identified as a safety function.

The VDIN channel does not have the same real time performance as other channels.

For controlling movement, always use proper physical inputs.