3d interpolation

chuck streb 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 3

Anyone have an easy to use method of doing a 3d lookup table with interpolation?

Thank you

I have weight vs current and it seems temperature in now playing into it


Hi Chuck,

We have done quite a bit of this on different applications.  With MAC, LTC  and ARRAY channels you can get quite creative. You could have a weight/current as LTC1. Take the output of this into a 2nd LTC1/temp.

If you can rationalise the data points then vectors is a very easy and simple way to do this inside MAC channels.


does this sound reasonable if i have table at temp 40 and table at temp 0 of weight vs amps, to calculate 20 deg i simple find the 40 variable and the zero variable and find the difference (40var- 0var) and add half to the o degrees 0.5*(40var-0var)+0var? seems reasonable ?

even better, calculate the constant from temp and weight to amps and insert into one line on lookup for temp vs weight i get constant, fill out constants for other temperature planes. use interpolate on table. table may be big so use import function . I think this may work