Password Protecting Certain Modules under IQANdesign

Jake B 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by ahmed abdalhadi 2 years ago 5

We use an MD4 Module to control the different aspects of a forklift (Engine, Transmission, etc). We have several people who use the program to change the programming on the fly with different model forklifts, and we wanted to lock certain users out from changing certain values. Is it possible to restrict access to specific areas from specific users? Or even password protect different areas with different passwords? (ex one password for engine access, one for transmission, etc)


Hi Jake, one way to do this is to lock a function group.  If you right click on the function group it will give you a list of options, one being "Set Password."  You can prevent access by setting a password and the only way to access it is to right click on the function group and select the option again and enter the correct password.

Ok, I see that now. I'm assuming it wouldn't be possible to lock out certain users from these same function groups? Passwords tend to be shared once people get busy.


If it is only values the different users change, I recommend adding different user levels under Security, and set these as Access levels on the adjust groups. The guys who only change values will only need IQANrun licenses.

To avoid sharing the clear text password for the user login, you can use the feature Create Safe Password in IQANdesign.

Safe passwords can be used for any password type, so it works for IQANrun user login as well as for the IQANdesign locked function groups Kerry mentioned. 


Thank you, Gustav, that helps alot!

how to remove old mdl password  or there is a master password to use instead of I need to access to make calibration for lifting weight sensors in linde reachstacker