MD4 SV camera - how to make function button visible on video area

Kristjan Kuusk 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 2


How is possible to make symbol button visible on MD4 screen SV camera video area? I tried to change type and layer order - no progress. The button itself functioning but You should know where is area to press.

Image 2489

Image 2490


Hello Kristjan.

Because of how the video works on a MD4 i is not possible to have anything overlay the video stream.

What i normally do when i have a video that covers the entire screen is to also have a custom button that also covers the whole screen with the action close page. 

So first i would create a 800*480 (For MD4-7) transparent picture and import that.

Then just use that as an image for my custom button to get a button that covers the entire screen on a MD4-7.

Then you will exit the video page whenever you push the screen.

Hello Thomas,

Thank You for help. I will do in way like You suggested.