J1939 communication Between Masters

Samarkande Rassil 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 4


I am having a problem concerning sending J1939 messages between masters (MD4-10 to MC43) who are in the same CAN network. 

I know you can send variable through masters with application input/ouput, but i've heard that the master network can get quite cram with that methode. 

Therefore, I am trying to send the activation of a virtual digital IN signal to an other master through a CAN messages like so:

Image 2499

Image 2500

I seems to be able to send the message correctly, because I can see that message when I connect myself directly onto the network.

Image 2501

However, I do not seems to be able to capture that message with the other master. When overing on the message, it says: Not evaluated

Image 2502

Image 2503

Am I missing something in terme of settings, parametters, adresse etc?

Thank you for your time, 


Hello Smarkande, try checking the source addresses for conflicts between the masters.

What does you System Layout look like?

Hello Smarkande.

You also need to add a J1939 module on the CAN bus with the same source address as the sending master.

You should have an example on your computer when installing IQANdesign.

Look at the file "Multi master JFOUT" at "Documents\IQAN Files\Examples"

Hello Mister Moberg, 

 I have a J1939 module, but you are right its source address wasn't the same as the master. I've changed it and everything is now working!

Thank you very much