Not a bug

Digital Parameter Channel True/False Text not working

Albert Bloomfield 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Sonthai 3 years ago 10

In the new 6.05, the True and False Text are not being used on the Digital Parameter Channels.  It is just displaying 0 & 1.  This is on actual hardware that it isn't working.  When I run on the simulator, it still works.  I will see if I can put together an example project.


It only seems to be a problem after updating the project until I restart the system.  Once I restart the system, the text works as normal.  But it breaks every time I send a new project.

Is it on the MD4 display page Switch you see the problem?

Or on the adjust item in an MD4 adjust group?

I tried to reproduce it, so far without success.

It was on a switch control that I see the problem.  It is tied to a digital parameter channel on an MC43, so perhaps that is part of the problem.  It works fine after a reset though, so I'm not that concerned about it.

That it is on another module than the MD4 might provide a clue.

When the system stars up with a No contact between the MD4 and the master module that holds the DP, the Switch control will show 0 and 1. But the Switch will also be grayed out.

Was the Switch operational or grayed out?


OK, this is making a lot of sense.  Most of the time when I update, when the system does come up, the display usually comes up first and can't communicate with the MC43 module for maybe 10 or 15 seconds.  Then if I do a reset, it all comes up together.  I thought the switch was not grayed out, but I'm not actually sure.  I'm not really concerned about it anymore since I have an understanding of what is going on.


Not a bug

Thanks Albert, it sounded like a bug at first, but it seems that is not the case. 

The only thing I can't really understand is how an MC43 application could fall so far behind an MD4 at startup, and how it could be different immediately after an update. 

When updating a multi master system, the system waits for all masters to finish updating before restarting. 

Yes, it's very strange and I haven't been able to figure out why it happens sometimes, but not always.  It happens most of the time when I update, whether I update over CAN or ethernet, with IQANrun or IQANdesign.  I have never checked the flash codes on the MC43 when the MD4 has started up and the MC43 is not up yet.  Is there anything else it would be worthwhile to check?

I think that checking the blink code on the MC43 is the next step. But unless there is some other module controlling the MC43 power supply, I struggle to see how it could start up so long after the MD4, 10-15 seconds. 

ok, so I looked into this a bit more and it does seem to only happen when I send the project through IQANdesign.  When I send through IQANrun, everything starts up together.  Every time I send the project with IQANdesign though, it takes longer for the MC43 to come up and IQANdesign sits there waiting until it comes up.  Only then does it display the success message.  There is no blink code on the MC43, it just appears to be off.  I don't understand though because the MC43 is wired up to the same power that the MD4 is.

The difference when sending with IQANdesign (.idsx or.idax) is that there is always an update of the application. If you send from IQANdesign and then try to send the exact same again, there is still a save operation at the PC that changes the checksum before sending. 

If you send with IQANrun (.idax), and then pick the same file and send again, there is never any change to the file. It is identical.

But in either case, I don't understand how the LED on the MC43 would stay of for several seconds.