IQANGo connecting to Parker Gateway for Mobil IoT

chuck streb 3 years ago in IQANgo updated by cstreb01 2 years ago 11

I have a few challenges. First I don't know what the Wi-Fi password is to my mobile gateway PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M2W1U1.

I also am not able to find good instructions of how to enable IQANGo to connect via WIFI to the gateway. 

Hope someone here can help.

Thank you

Found this support page: https://parkeriot.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PMI/pages/1325400069/IQAN+over+Wi-Fi

For IQANgo, you would need to go to your phone's WiFi settings and connect to the gateway's SSID as described on the support page above. Then, in IQANgo, tap Connect and select the WiFi tab. Your machine should show up in the list. Select it and tap Connect.

list shows and i am connected directly to ip of machine via wifi.

I selected the only thing in list


IP: MAC cc-f9-57-62-1c-79

i try to connect and get socket Error #111 Connection Refused

getting closer :)

I think you need to contact Parker Mobile IOT support for further help on this.

Hi Chuck, We are working to finish the integration from the GT module to communicate via TCP with the IQANgo Mobile App, that should take a few more weeks. For the Gateway password we are using a universal password today.  For security purposes, please write to my email hector.rodriguez1@parker.com and I will give you the password. In a few weeks, we are working on a more safety way to deliver each gateway unique password over our IoT portal , this way customer can get the password themselves. 

I will like to send you invite to the IOT parker community, we have more up to date information about our solution , including the WiFi information.  We have 3 Wi-Fi services today from the GT: 

1) Wi-Fi Client is using the gateway APN to setup and connect the gateway to a facility or enterprise wi-fi network. In this case data is transferred from the Gateway to the Cloud via Wi-Fi

2) Wi-Fi Mule is using the gateway APN to connect the gateway to a laptop and collect machine data locally and push to the cloud using our Wi-Fi Mule app  

3) IQAN over Wi-Fi is using the gateway APN to connect a laptop and phone and perform IQAN tools functions. We currently support IQANdesign, IQANrun, IQAN measure and all the desktop tools, we are working to complete the IQANgo communication.  

I hope this helps clarify some of your questions. 

No updates to IQANGO, the telemetry only works from my PC but not IQANGO. any idea how long it will be before it is fixed? its been 8 months.

anything new?  10 Months

I checked with the team that makes the gateway. 

I'm sorry, but it looks like there won't be an update for this on the current gateway hardware (PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M2W1U1).

Next version of the gateway should have it. 

i have connected using Bluetooth G11 now and it works manually, but not through iqan connect message "no handshake reply from master module" i can upload and download manually. i have both green lights for machine and internet. yet i cannot connect iqandesign via web

i upgraded from 6.04 to 6.07. it did not work. Then i deleted the "connect via internet" key and then reinstalled. fixed everything.