Firmware update over Radio link or wifi between master modules

Martin Lafleur 3 years ago in IQANdesign 0

I have two master modules, one on a fixed station and the other one on a mobile vehicle.

They are connected with the DIAG and MASTER busses through a CAN to ethernet adapter.

The ethernet link is then sent over the air using an industrial grade ethernet radio.

When I replace the radio with a cable, I can update the firmware of both masters using IQANDesign (via ethernet or CAN).

And then I remove the cable to run the application. I can connect using ethernet to one of the master and do some measurements using Measure groups.

Unfortunately I cannot update the multi-master firmware over the radio link, even though the radio bandwidth is not an issue (100 Mbps). My guess is this is due to a latency in either the radio link (when connecting using ethernet) or in the CAN to ethernet adapter when connecting with CAN. Is the firmware update procedure could be less strict on latency to allow firmware update in this case ?  

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