mdonaldson 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 1

MD4(2),MC43,MC41 - Currently using IQAN 5.04. Is it possible to not have the VREF Error message popup? 

We don't use the VREF's and none of the diagnostic channels are assigned to any of the VREF Channels, yet we still get errors associated with it. It is becoming an issue as machines are being repaired but they are completely functional (minus this nuisance alarm)

I did just notice 2 VIN's on the MC43 and MC41 had their reference voltage property NOT set to 'Not Used'. Hopefully our service guys can update a machine and see if this is causing the issues. Again none of the diagnostic channels for the VREF's exist. I'll post an update if they can get it reprogrammed.