long delay in md4 startup

Albert Bloomfield 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 12

Since I upgraded to IQANdesign 6.05, when the MD4 starts up, after it displays the logo for a few seconds, it is just a blank screen for a few seconds after that before it starts operating as normal.  The logo seems to show for about 7 seconds and then the blank screen is there for about 5 seconds.  I'm not certain that it wasn't caused by other changes we made at the same time.  Any ideas what would cause this?

Are you still using the standard font for languages or a different font?

The 6.05 update to speed up navigation between display pages has some impact on the time until first display page is shown. But I would not expect the extra time to be nearly as long. 

In the project statistics for your MD4, what does it show on number of display pages, buttons and controls? 

Thank you. 

I think this number of display page controls is partially explaining why it takes so much longer to show the first display page in 6.05. 

I expected a large MD4 application to have about 1000 display page controls, adding roughly 0.5-1 s to the time until first display page is shown compared to 6.04. 

With nearly 4000 display controls, I can see how the additional at startup time become significant. Especially the time between the logo and the first display page. 

Another factor that also influence this time is the cycle utilization of the MD4. 

The MD4 starts its application as soon as possible, the application logic will be running while the graphics is still loading. With higher cycle utilization, this leaves less processing time for graphics. 

What cycle time and cycle utilization do you run at? 

How do you perceive the display page switching in 6.05? 

Cycle time is 20ms and utilization is 40-50%

I'm not sure I understand your question about the display page switching.

Ok, I made a comparison by modifying another application to those numbers (4000 display page controls, 20 ms application and 50% cycle utilizaiton), then I can see similar times until first display page shows with 6.05. 

The change on display page switching is this one:

53032Improve MD4 page navigation
Improved performance when switching between pages in the MD4.

The time to leave on display page and show the next is reduced. But this change comes at a cost of longer time until first page is shown at startup. 

So is there anything that can be done?

I don't have any short term solution, but this is something we should look at for a later release. Maybe we could introduce some option to select between faster startup and faster display page navigation.  

I think that would be acceptable.  Do you think this will make it into the next release?