Matlab -Simulink for MC41

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Summary of the application: The controller receives, with a certain frequency, CAN messages containing data from 5 or 6 sensors in the system. We are going to program Lookup tables in the controller using Simulink. Lookup tables will be used for processing input data. This processing generates informations to be sent to the central controller. When we say Lookup tables, we are talking about several tables of size which may be important. The size of these tables can reach hundreds of MB.

Questions :

In the case of simulation, we will not have memory problems because these tables will be in the Matlab workspace. However, in the real application:

  • Will these tables be saved in the controller?
  • Does the internal memory of an MC41 allow it?
  • Does this not affect the computational time performance of the controller?
  • Could you confirm the possibility of using an MC41 for this application?
  • Could you confirm the possibility of using the Simulink lookup tables in an IQANdesign application?

In the training given to us by RGDH, we did not talk about the use of Matlab-Simulink in IQANdesign, and there are very few tutorials on the subject, Could you please provide us with documents or tutorial videos on the Matlab-Simulink-IQANdesign coupling?



The tables would have to be included in the simulink model and increase the size of the file or else they would not be usable when downloaded. 

The simulink models have about 2 MB of flash memory to be store in (separate from the IQAN application).

So it will not be possible to download to our modules if it is that large.

We have a small tutorial/demo for how to add simulink models in to IQANdesign on the Simulinktoolbox store page.


You also have chapter 9 in the IQANdesign instruction book and the IQAN simulink user manual.
Other than those we do not have any simulink specific tutorials.


Is there an alternative way to attacking the calculations without lookup tables?  Look up tables that are hundreds of MB seem like there might be room for optimization.