Exporting issue

Abhijit Das 2 days ago in IQAN toolbox for Simulink updated 12 hours ago 3

I am seeing the following error with Simulink export (the config file is attached). Can you please tell me how I can direct my config to generate code specifically for MC43? I am connected to MC43 through a Kvaser Leaf 2.

 Shared config
Shared config


Example Simulink model for IQANDesign

Abhijit Das 4 weeks ago in IQAN toolbox for Simulink updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 weeks ago 11

Hello - being new to IQANDesign and trying Simulink code generation for the first time, I am getting an error while trying out a very simple Simulink model (attached). I have seen the video tutorial on YouTube and I am wondering if I can get hold of any example Simulink model that I can check with my Simulink setup or a list of instructions on how to prepare a Simulink model to comply with IQAN.tlc? 

Also, as shown in the image (attached), during code-generation I am seeing a warning saying the model is not saved. This is kind of strange as my model isn't opened during this process. It also asked me to choose between 'Refresh' or 'Cancel'. I have chosen 'Refresh' in this case.  

Now I am seeing the error as shown below. The full error log is included as *.txt file. 

I am using the following configuration for both parent and referenced models. 

Any help in this regard would greatly be appreciated. 

Thank you!


Here is the Youtube video that I was referring to.