IQAN toolbox for Simulink .mltbx file?

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I am trying to implement control logic for my application in Simulink for MC-43 Parker module. However, I cannot find the installation file for the toolbox anywhere. Could you please help in this regard. Thank you! 


Matlab -Simulink for MC41

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Summary of the application: The controller receives, with a certain frequency, CAN messages containing data from 5 or 6 sensors in the system. We are going to program Lookup tables in the controller using Simulink. Lookup tables will be used for processing input data. This processing generates informations to be sent to the central controller. When we say Lookup tables, we are talking about several tables of size which may be important. The size of these tables can reach hundreds of MB.

Questions :

In the case of simulation, we will not have memory problems because these tables will be in the Matlab workspace. However, in the real application:

  • Will these tables be saved in the controller?
  • Does the internal memory of an MC41 allow it?
  • Does this not affect the computational time performance of the controller?
  • Could you confirm the possibility of using an MC41 for this application?
  • Could you confirm the possibility of using the Simulink lookup tables in an IQANdesign application?

In the training given to us by RGDH, we did not talk about the use of Matlab-Simulink in IQANdesign, and there are very few tutorials on the subject, Could you please provide us with documents or tutorial videos on the Matlab-Simulink-IQANdesign coupling?



Exporting issue

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I am seeing the following error with Simulink export (the config file is attached). Can you please tell me how I can direct my config to generate code specifically for MC43? I am connected to MC43 through a Kvaser Leaf 2.

 Shared config
Shared config


The IQAN preferences menu should normally be set to build both target and simulator code. 

If it is set to only build simulator code the code will run in IQANsimulate on the PC, but cannot run on a physical IQAN-MC4x hardware (the target)


Example Simulink model for IQANDesign

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Hello - being new to IQANDesign and trying Simulink code generation for the first time, I am getting an error while trying out a very simple Simulink model (attached). I have seen the video tutorial on YouTube and I am wondering if I can get hold of any example Simulink model that I can check with my Simulink setup or a list of instructions on how to prepare a Simulink model to comply with IQAN.tlc? 

Also, as shown in the image (attached), during code-generation I am seeing a warning saying the model is not saved. This is kind of strange as my model isn't opened during this process. It also asked me to choose between 'Refresh' or 'Cancel'. I have chosen 'Refresh' in this case.  

Now I am seeing the error as shown below. The full error log is included as *.txt file. 

I am using the following configuration for both parent and referenced models. 

Any help in this regard would greatly be appreciated. 

Thank you!


Here is the Youtube video that I was referring to.