COUT/VIN open load/low error check

Evert-Jan 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 2

Hi all, Does someone know if it's possible with a status operand, to have a check if all VIN's and COUT's status are ok with one command for all VINs status and one command for all COUT?

I know the status of the MC43 itself is OK even when there is an COUT open load.

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Hello Evert.

No, not automatically. 

You can create your own by looking at the satus of all the channels.

But you would need to look at the status of each channel.

The closest built in would be the SIC channel and having it set to active error level.

It will react to both the VIN and COUT error, but it will also react to all other errors as well.

Keep in mind here that if you have a display and remove the message that comes up from the error you will remove the active error level.


Worth mentioning for anyone else reading the topic, when checking for OK status of a channel, there is no need to check for every individual status like open load, what I usually do is to check for status OK

Result := StatusOf(COUT boom) = stOK

as an alternative, you can check for status type error, to exclude warning statuses:

Result :=not StatusTypeOf(COUT boom) = stError