Iqan Run Disconnecting Issues

Adam Kolb 3 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3

I (and some of our field techs) have been having issues with IQAN Run disconnecting from the master module when attempting to get / send clones. It has also occurred while recording measure groups. These issues have occurred on machines with a single MD4 master module as well as MD4 and MC43 multi master systems. Has anyone experienced these issues?

We quite often get issues downloading and uploading clones remotely using IQAN Run via IQAN G11 module. We get issues around 90% of the time, seems to be a mixture of bluetooth connection failures and signal issues (whether this is mobile phone or server issues I'm unsure).

These disconnections are when connected directly to the MD4 via ethernet. We also struggle with using IQAN Go when connecting with Bluetooth to the G11 module. 

In general, my experience is that the Ethernet connection is very stable. 

I have seen two types of problems with Ethernet. 

-The obvious one for intermittent issues is bad cable connection. The M12 connector at the MD4 is always good, but the RJ45 at the PC could have bad contact. Especially if there is strain on the cable. 

-One that is more tricky to find is various IT restrictions and endpoint protection. A problem that is intermittent (as in this case) could possibly be caused by some monitoring program delaying the traffic. 

For the Bluetooth connection, the distance between the phone and the G11 is a factor that has significant impact on signal strength, and thus also on stability. Another factor seems to be differences between the Bluetooth chips on different phones and tablets. In the next version of IQANgo, we're including a G11 firmware update that should help improve the Bluetooth  stability for some devices that has had problems.