Copy info from iQanRun

Marcel 3 years ago in IQANrun updated 3 years ago 2

It would be nice to be able to select and copy the info of the hardware and software in iQanRun for my own documentation.

Its easy to make a type fault if you want to save the info for future reference.

Just an idea.

Image 2604

Have you tried the system info action in IQANscript? 

By including it in the script report, you have a real quick way of capturing e.g. SN info on the modules. 

This printscreen is from running a simple example/solutions file from IQANscript:

I think that a script that reads system status and saves in a report is a tool that is very useful for production, automatically recording SN info for IQAN modules a machine is shipped with, instead of manually having to taking notes.


Indeed, I'm not so familiar with iQan Script, but it looks like something I need. Thanks! I will try it.