Not a bug

Possible Bug - Physical Hardware Channels Not Disabled in External Function

Braidan Duffy 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 3

Hello, I am using IQAN 6.05. I have several external functions that have Digital Output and Input channels within them that are not required for operation. Each instance of the external function is enabled/disabled during initialization, as needed. When used as internal function groups, the unassigned DOUT and DIN channels do not throw errors, as expected and required. However, when the same function groups are made external, and imported into the project, the errors appear - despite the instance of the external function group being disabled.

This hampers the ability for my code to function properly. Is there anyway this can be addressed or a fix/hack suggested?

Thank you.

Not a bug

All I/O channels must be assigned to a module pin in the main project.

Disabling a function group or an instance of an external function group only prevent the channels within from being calculated in runtime. It does not affect the design-time project check. 

Disabling function groups is useful for options that are not fitted on a machine, and I think that is the best use of the FG enable property. But it can also be used for enabling and disabling functionality in runtime. 

I have the external function groups tied to internal logic to enable/disable them depending on configuration options chosen at startup. Some function groups are disabled at startup as desired. However, since they have unassigned I/O pins within them, I cannot deploy because of the I/O assignment errors. But, if the function groups are internalized (i.e. copy/pasted from the external function into the main project), it works fine. That is the bug I am trying to report.

I am basically trying to do what is described in this thread: disabling error message for a specific output when it's not … / Software / IQAN

But using external function groups instead of internal ones.