Generic CAN Bus Frames Not Linking

Braidan Duffy 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 2

Hello! I am trying to get two generic CAN bus frames to link together in my project. One is inside of an external function group and is broadcasting a 2-byte message as a GFOUT channel. I have a CAN bus frame in channel (GFIN) inside the main project that is receiving that message and parsing it for a state machine. They share the same identifier, properties, bit offset, everything. However, whenever I simulate, the data is not shared between them. They are linked on the same Generic CAN bus module in the system diagram. Am I missing something?

Is there a good tutorial anywhere on using generic CAN within IQAN

In IQANsimulate, you manually set the input value with the slider or input box on GPIN/JPIN channels, in the same way as for physical inputs.

What you could try is to make a simulation group in IQANsimulate, and link the scaled value of the GPIN/JPIN to the channel in the project that sends the value. 

This can be nice for testing the application logic, but it won't simulate the CAN traffic. To test the CAN connection, you'll need to run on hardware.