Change (bargraph) colors by input channel

Evert-Jan 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 4

Does somebody knows if it is possible to change the colour of for  example a bar graph by a variable.
Now yo have to choose a fixed colour.

I want to change the colour if the input value is above a adjustable setpoint.

The way program it now is to have two bar graph with different colours, and use the visible input to select the color.

Maybe a idea for a next release???

Not sure if I understood the qeuestion, but to make a sharp change of color on a bargraph above a certain value, you could use a four-point gradient:

Then set this on the color property on the bargraph. 

(but I think the normal gradual change of color on the gradient will look better in most cases)

Thanks Gustav, I our case the client wants to have 1 green bar, which changes to red or yellow when the process value is outside the safe limits (alarm). Furthermore the alarm threshold is adjustable by the operator.

I did try a 3 colour gradient, but the colour position is a fixed value, and cannot by assigned to a channel.

So it should be very helpful if instead of a fix colour in IQAN a channel can be used to select the colour, and also in case of a gradient, the colour change position can be assigned to a channel


PS Now I solv this problem by placing 2 or 3 linear bar on each other, which I make visible by a channel.


Is there any news about this topic?

In general it should be great when you can control text or bargraph color by a variable (channel) instaed of fixed colors