Bad New Text Button Behavior

Lars Bolduc 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 11


We use text buttons without text all over our systems.

We put transparent symbols in the buttons showing then what the button does.

In the latest update 6.06 you made the change: Automatic text on text button.

This put text all over all of the buttons in our programs.

Making all of our programs unusable.

We have migrated back to 6.05.19 but hope you will reconsider this change.

Image 2663


You can remove the text in a few minutes.

Just sort the objects by type, select all the relevant text buttons in the list.

Then click the little link icon to the left of the text input and make sure the text is empty.

Not a bug

As Pierre wrote, it is easy to remove the automatic value link on the text button. 

Either click the "chain" symbol, or edit the text. This will break the link so you can have a blank text button. 

I only can remove automatic value by editing the Text value to empty. 

Link 'break' does not work, name of parameter will stay visible on MD4 Screen with disabled automatic value

I just realized that to have an empty text, you will need to replace the automatic text with with e.g. a blankspace, to make the change stick. 


Ok, looks like a bug in 6.06.10 after all.. Will be updated so that auto-value does not switch on for blank texts. 


With IQANdesign 6.06.14, a text button with blank text does not auto-value activated. 

Thank you Gustav, this means we don't have to manually edit each button on every program.

I confirm 6.06.14 works!

This is broken again I guess.

Opened an old program and the new IQAN filled in all the buttons against my wishes.

This adds a lot of manual labor for no reason deleting text.

Image 3953

What version were you going from? 

I checked but can't reproduce the problem.

Opening code on shows no text on the buttons.

Opening the same code with has text on all of the buttons.

Able to replicate with a fresh project.

Finally figured this out

The reason you had it when updating directly from 4.07 was due to differences in how autovalue is handled before 5.04.  

When updating a project from 5.03 or older to 6.06 or newer, autovalue is applied to text buttons.  

When updating from 5.04 or newer autovalue isn't applied to the buttons.