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DM1 view improvements

Julian Robinson 2 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 1 year ago 2

Hi there.  Really like the new DM01 / Log folder reading in the FW6.06.10 just released.  Also the shortcut function to read DM01/2 is a great addition.  This comment is the same for the Log folder access and viewing.  

Only additional comment is that there is a difference between the DM01 and the Log folder when the message is longer than the space on the screen.  In the Log folder, the log description + value text is shown at the bottom (great) and automatially shrunk to fit (and centred it looks).  So long text descriptins and values are supported well.

BUT the DM01 does not do this.  If the DM01 has fairly long txt for the FMI description, then when this FMI text is shown at the bottom of the screen, the text is truncated and not shrunk to fit.  It would make sense to have the Log folder and the DM01 react the same way if the text does not fit the space at the bottom.  Make sense?



Under review

Thank you Julian, I converted your comment to a separate topic. 

I think the main difference between the DM1 view and the log view is the width of the, the log view is wider. I think changing this to make the DM1 view the same with as the log could be a good improvement. 

J1939 module DM1 list:

Event log:

On MD4-7 The SPN text is cutoff in the lower window even though there is plenty of space left.

The actual message should be "171 - Ambient Air Temperature Circuit"

Also more text could actually fit in the top window.