Interactive Message Channel - Math object appears and cannot be interacted with

Daniel Winger 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 4

We recently found a bug where a math object appears underneath the Hiding column within an IMSG. The math object cannot be clicked and only appears if the user first selects the grey background and then the IMSG channel. If the user moves from a different channel to the IMSG the additional math object does not appear. I have deleted the IMSG entirely and then recreated it and the problem is replicated. If any of the object list components are removed then the issue does not happen. When simulating the program the issue is similar but the rogue math object only appears briefly before disappearing.

I want to know why this error is appearing, and how to fix it (ideally without having to change the contents of the IMSG channel).

Note: this issue appeared after the program was updated to version 6.06

I realized it might be useful to include an image showing the issue:

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This is the same bug as in this post. 


It happens in 6.06 when the function inspector expands, for example if you you navigate from a channel without a function and have the function inspector set to automatically expand/minimize.

You can avoid it by pinning the function inspector up all the time.