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Multi-Master Simulation

Lars Bolduc 3 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Michael Carlyle 3 years ago 5


Is there any plan to improve multi-master simulation?

Data is not sent between the masters, and therefore a machine can not be fully simulated.

This will make our future designs much more difficult to maintain.



You can map the JFINS's to the corresponding JFOUT. You can put the JFIN's into a simulation group, then under the 'Control' of each item you can specify to use the JFOUT. Its a huge PITA though.

I can't seem to drag whole JFINs into the simulation groups, only individual JPINs.

If we could do JFINs that would be awesome.

Under review

We are looking at ways to improve the multi-master system. The main point is to make a more bandwith efficient way of sending real-time data between master modules compared to the APPOUT/APPIN. 

The APPOUT/APPIN is being simulated, but eats so much bandwidth it should be preserved for only the case when it is necessary (safety related signals), or small applications that only exchange a few signals.


It would be really nice if the simulator could handle J1939 traffic automatically. Then it would be easier to build and test multi master communication without sitting in a machine with can sniffer.

Our Service Department also uses IqanSimulate to try to understand a field problems and this would help them.  It also would help out our Tech. Pubs department  get screen shots of IqanSimulate for manuals without having to use Iqandesign licenses.