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Unable to edit generic frame in using dual screen with different resolution

Jean-Marc Zanni 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1

I ran on an issue that seems to be linked to Multiple screens with Different resolution and scaling

I am working on a system with 3 screens:

1) 27" / 4K screen with scaling set to 200%

2) 27" / UHD scaling set to 100%

3)15" / UHD Scaling set to 125%(laptop)

I opened Iqan design 6.06 on screen 1 and 2

1 had the main program,

2 had the external function I am working on,

3 has the supporting documents(excel / Notepad++) I need to create the code

When I try to edit the Generic parameter IN in external function, the the focus on some of the elements is totally off making the edit virtually impossible.  When I click on a field the focus appears way below where I clicked.  This does not happen on every field. Channel field seems to locate properly.

I closed all the instance and re-opened the External function only and now focus works properly.

Here is a video of what I observed:

Dual Screen IQAN 6_06 Scaling

Please note some of the comment a wrote at the time are not quite accurate.  I did not at first understand how the Focus was shifting.