Trigger log in non display master using a text button action control

J C. Crow 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 2

We would like to be able to trigger the log page of a non display log (MC43) use a text button action in the MD4. Currently one action available for the text button is to trigger a log located in the MD4, but it does not allow triggering a log in another master. We utilize this function to allow the user to quickly review historical data for important machine events. For instance, when we winterize the machine, we log that it was winterized. We also log when the machine is de-winterized (water is sensed in the system again). The winterization page has a history button that allows the user to see each event. In our multi-master system, the winterization function is handled by the MC43, so the log is in the MC43. So, my history button does not function. The only solution I can see is to send winterization event status to the MD4 using a CAN message and move the log to the MD4. 

Alternatively, you could add a show trigger to the log. I would have to pass the VDIN to the MC43 via a CAN message and then use this to show the log page. 

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Actually, they have just added this much wanted feature!

In IQAN 6.06 you can make a button on the MD4 that opens a log page from MC43. Just make a button and for action you select Log -> MC43 -> Log name.

Previously I did as you suggested and kept all logs that the user needs to see in MD4 but now it is not needed anymore.