watchdog reset with MD4 (6.06) blue screen

Frederick Prigge 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by fdube 2 years ago 2

Since updating to 6.06 I get random bluescreens with MD4s. It has been appearing on multiple devices and multiple projects. It is completely random, from many hours to minutes between events. The bluescreen complain about the watchdog timer reset. This is really a big problem since I can't rollback my project to 6.0X (it refuses to open, instead of just a warning like it was in the 5.X). Also, since going to 6.06 I get many CAN errors that I did not get before.

Image 2696

Unfortunately, the information on the bluescreen does not provide much detail. It does confirm that several watchdog reset events has occurred on this unit. 

For an issue with watchdog reset, the first thing I'd check is cycle utilization and application cycle time. 

I'd also recommend checking CAN bus utilization, and if there are any changes to the CAN buses where the bus errors were observed. 

For the comment about earlier versions, I recommend keeping copies of the project file. 

Whenever there is a minor change in the IQANdesign minor version, for example from 6.05 to 6.06, the updated file (almost )always has some different properties that did not exist in the earlier version, and this prevents upgraded files from being opened in an an older version of IQANdesign. 


Is there a fix to this problem? It is also happening to our devices.

Is there an issue opened at Iqan about this?