Paged Protocol Help

Kevin 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 4

We have a CAN Open sensor that has 2 sensor outputs under index 6020 subindex 1 and subindex 2. I get ambiguous identifiers which usually we resolve using page protocols but these are normally different index numbers so straightforward to configure.

How do i configure paged protocols when they have the same index of 6020? (only the subindex differentiates each output).

Image 2701

Sounds as if the page mask you use is only filtering on index, make it larger to also filter on subindex:

Thanks, There seems limited information regarding how to achieve this, Can you describe what i need to change and how i know what values to adjust please? The index is 6020 and subindex 1 for the first channel and subindex 2 for the second channel we wish to get information from.

The details below are not functional currently and i cant seem to get them to work!

Page mask 0xFFFFFF00 is correct.

As page value for the GFIN reading subindex 1 on index 6020, enter 0x1602000

As page value for the GFIN reading subindex 2 on index 6020, enter 0x2602000


Thankyou Gustav, thats worked on our system.