mc3 mismatch

Adrien Léauté 3 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1


I have made a simulator box for training purpose, was working great until last week.

the reason is that I use my simulator box to program a MD4 for a customer (total different project than the one I run in the simulator)

the reason I used it is because I need to hook up the MC3 together with the MD4 to load the Clone from the customer's machine (I only send the MD4 to the customer)

after successfull programmin for the customer, I the reload my simulator's program and there start the problem

i hook the MD4 (simulator program on it) , but when I start to send the Clone, it popup with a mismatch for the MC3 because it have a different project (real machine)

i read through some topics and see that emptying the folder "C:\ProgramData\IQANrun 4\Firmware Cache might help resending the Clone (iif I understand right) but it did not help

what could be the solution to fix that? i use Iqan Run 4 (I have not test with Design4)



I assume you use the Ethernet port on the MD4 to update both modules? So that the MC3 update is routed via the MD4.

Not sure, but maybe the clone files you used contained different firmware versions, where there is a compatibility issue for the routing update. As I recall it, up- and downgrading from version 3.x to version 4.x had some issues. 

Another old issue I remember from version 4.x was with routing updates when the project file had a security level set on update application. 

If the issue is related to updating via Ethernet, a workaround that should always work is to update the MC3 directly via CAN.