claudio 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 8

It is impossible to find this errors, see attached.

I have imported the components from another project writed with IQAN5.08 and I have deleted unused componetns and parts of software unused

Image 2706


If you left double click on the error, it should take you to the item that is generating the error.  It appears you have images on display pages that do not have a channel associated with it to provide the function it requires, i.e. a digital channel to activate a lamp.

Okay I know this method, but double clicking on the error doesn’t show me where the problem is. I have no lamp in the software to activate.

I attach sample softwareBHT220_21015.idax

I have to agree with Claudio, there appears to be a problem here. No lamps are present and the errors cannot be resolved or features deleted.

It looks like if you export the application and then open the new file, those errors disappear. I don't know what is lost by doing that though.


It seems that some images has made it into your import without any image data. The undefined reference is a bit misleading here since it is triggered by missing image data. The images are not visible since they are located in an IQANdesign internal group used to manage image library images. Normally unused images should be removed from this group upon saving the project, but it seems this does not work when there is no display master in the project.

To get rid of the images you can add an MD4 to the project and save it. Then re-open the project and remove the MD4. Now the images should be gone.


In 6.08, the project check error for this is changed to "Image not supported", and these images are now seen in the Image group "Image library (legacy)"  

Unused library images are now also removed when saving the project, so the workaround to add a display master to be able to remove imported images is no longer needed.