Component Navigator on a CAN-Frame Input/Output

Fabian Lagerstedt 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Tim Reen 3 years ago 3

When using the tool "Component Navigator" on a J1939/Generic Frame Input or Output it would be handy to get the Input or Output Frames with the same identifier or PGN on the connected Module listed in the right hand column as well, and not only the Module and Module pins. In this way it would be easy to quickly navigate through the CAN-bus communication flow within an application.

Image 2733


Not sure if I understood the suggestion about navigating to channels with same PGN or Identifier, is this for CAN communication between IQAN masters in a multi-master system? Navigating from a JFOUT on one application to a JFIN on another application in the same project, similar to how the component navigator works for APPOUT/APPIN?

Yes, this would be nice.