protect application logic in iqan run

Laura 3 years ago in IQANrun updated 3 years ago 2

It is possible to open the application logic in Iqan run with a lower security user level than I want.

This user level has to update a project, but is not allowed to open the application logic. 

Do I miss anything, and how do I have to do this, or is this really possible that everyone with a security level password can see the application logic in Iqan run?

Kind regards, Laura

Application viewing is linked to the project password. 

The full access password (intended for IQANdesign users) will always give view access.

The limited access password will by default never give view access. 

However, when generating a safe password, a box can be ticked to grant viewing access to those who need it. 

There is also a dropdown for giving access to see adjust items that are protected by a user level, this is used when viewing settings. 


Thanks my fault, because of my rights that were saved in the password manager did it seems that also the Security level user was allowed to view the application logic, but I deleted all of the passwords and than everything works as expected.