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MD4-10 screen resets to boot logo and freezes

Pierre Fagrell 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1

We have a new machine where this has happened a few times now.

Suddenly the image on the screen will freeze and stop updating.

It seems to be repeatable by using the joystick encoder at a particular screen.

We are using "External button control" to select sliders and buttons on the screen by turning the encoder.

The way to repeat the problem:

Select a slider with the encoder

Click a button on the screen which hides that slider.

Exit and enter the menu page in question

Turn the slider

Of note is also that one of the sliders never hide, even though it's "visible" object is false.

I can send the file if you like.

After a few seconds of pressing the screen it resets to the boot image and gets stuck there.

Even though the screen is stuck at boot image, MD4 and XC42 are running like normal in background.

It is possible to start and stop the diesel engine with the J1939 joystick.

It is possible to connect with iQANdesign and iQANrun to take measurements

Cycle time is 23%

CAN utilization is low.

No errors in log file.

Power cycle gets everything back to normal.

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