MC43FS Minimum Threshold Current

Caola, Robert 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 4

It would be nice if the minimum threshold current that a HS + LS digital output was lowered. A lot of relays only have about 480 ohm resistance, putting the current draw at around 50 mA, 10 mA lower than the threshold. And the output being used as a safety outputs cannot bypass the undercurrent detection. Would 20 - 30 mA be achievable?


We have been working on an update to lower the minimum load for safe digital out HS+LS from 60 to 40 mA, with the undercurrent detect threshold changed to 30 mA. 

This update is planned for 6.07.

Great news! We looking forward to the update. Thank you.

This is great news. The 60 mA threshold has been very problematic. Considering that the electrification of vehicles demands more energy efficient solutions.