Password recovery

Roy den Drijver 3 years ago in IQANdesign 0

Hello All,

While working on a project for the past couple of months I had used a couple of different passwords for full access, limited access, and some other functionalities. Since they are automatically saved to the database I never had any issues with this up until I wanted to migrate the software to a different computer. I ended up exporting and importing the code into a new project with a new project ID and linking all the interfaces back resolving my password problem. 

To prevent people from having to do the same in the future I would like to suggest a feature where you can do a password recovery. This could be linked to an IQAN design license, the project ID, or a company e-mail account, whichever is more convenient. What do you guys think about such a feature?

Kind regards,

Roy den Drijver