IQANgo on iPhone12

Rick Yorke 3 years ago in IQANgo updated 2 years ago 6 2 duplicates

Have a field service tech with an iPhone 12 PRO running IOS 14.8, and IQANgo version6.06.7. IQANgo will not open. Attempted re-installing app with no success. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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I am running IqanGo on an iPhone 12 PRO and it was working with iOS 14.X versions - I'm not sure I used it with 14.8.  I just upgraded to iOS 15.0 and it is working.

will not work with 15.0.1 software.


I just updated to iOS 15.0.2 last night and it is still working for me (Iqan G11 modem version 1.12).

Got what I think was the same report from one of our AE:s last week, he had checked on an iPhone 12 pro wih iOS 14.8 but without problems. 

Yes, that is the same report. Just putting out feelers in the community to see if anyone else encountered this and managed to resolve it.

Thanks to Michael for his input!


Issue has been resolved, an incorrect region setting on the phone was the cause.