j1939 tier 4 message receive issue

Codie 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 4

I'm having issues receiving a J1939 message. Both FF15 and FF14. They are Tier 4 emissions system data and I can see them with my CAN sniff. they show up as 19FF1500H and 19FF1500H. I have my priority set to dont care and my timeout not used and still cant bring them in. Why am i unable to read these messsages?

Hi there.  If you have used those exact letter/numbers as your 29bit header, then this is the problem.  the "H" is probably a designation from your CAN tool that its in hex.  The 29bit ID most likeley has a SA of 00 (engine ECM) so those would be the last digits to use in the header  ie 19FF1500 is the actual CAN ID.

hello, yes the H is just shown from my Pcan. Im using decimal number 65300 and 65301 as my recieve PGN for FF15 and FF14. 

and yes the source address 00 is the engine. This is a tier4 emissions system engine that i need to display the info from.


With CAN identifier 0x19FF1500, the DP bit is set. 

To read this in IQANdesign, enter the 17-bit PGN 0x1FF15 (130837)