Recall warning/critical messages

Pawel Pekala 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Mack 1 year ago 3

Is there any way of recalling fault/warning messages via VDIN without a need of restarting the system?

I'm not sure that I understood this question. 

Why not use the close button in the upper right corner of the dialog box? 

I think the intent of the question is to find a way to view faults after the pop-up message has been closed out. Pop-up messages tend to be annoying and disruptive, as they often pop up on the screen at the most inconvenient times. When an alarm message pops up on a screen—be it a laptop computer, cell phone, or MD4 display—most people just press the “X” button to get it out of the way so they can complete the task at hand. Then they don’t really know what the message was all about.

One suggestion is to use the StatusOf() operator to monitor faults on hardware pins.

Example: Create a fault code variable with QCode using an Integer Math Channel named “Valve_1_Flts”, assuming that Valve_1 is assigned to an output pin.

A:= StatusOf(Valve_1) = stOpenLoad

B:= StatusOf(Valve_1) = stSaturated

C:= StatusOf(Valve_1) = stOverload

if A then AA:= 1

if B then BB:= 2

if C then CC:= 4

Result:= AA + BB + CC

If “Valve_1_Flts” is not equal to zero, then a faults icon can be displayed on the screen. The fault code can be parsed to identify the nature of the fault (open load, overload, etc.) if desired. Note that the fault code stays active (non-zero) until the fault condition goes away, regardless of whether a pop-up message has been acknowledged.

Adding support for this request to be able to recall DM1 and IQAN generated error messages. We have to key on/off to get them to reappear or create our own messages. This gets a little confusing for the end user as some messages can be recalled but not all.