Change of a Transmission rate of a GFOUT

Andy Pauly 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Michael Carlyle 3 years ago 1


I have an application where the Transmission rate of a GFOUT must change during operation. 

The Rate should be 1000ms. But when the cylinder moves the rate should drop to 20ms. I cannot use therefore an Initializion block. How do i get it to work.??


Andy Pauly


Maybe try setting it to "On Change" and then set the default transmit rate to 1000 ms.  It should send every cycle that the value changes - otherwise every 1000 ms.  Otherwise set it to "on Trigger" and then set up a trigger channel that cycles on and off as needed?  Best to test with a CAN Sniffer and IqanAnalyze to make sure that it does what you want.