Better sub block handling

David Dahlgren 3 years ago in IQANdesign updated 3 years ago 2


In IQANdesign i wish it was easier to handle Function groups. I want to keep my Application Logic clean and easy to follow, by putting channels in subblocks / sub functions groups.

I find the current Function groups very difficult to handle. I wish I could drag and drop many channels into the Function blocks without having to think about referenses, creating Function group inputs etc. 

The "Move up" function makes it a little bit easier, but still I have to take all channels one by one and use the "Move up" function on them. And why are there no "Move up" for outputs of Functions groups? 

The subblock should be purely visual, not add or remove any functions. Similiar to how it works in Simulink. 

I could make my logic much easier to follow with this possibility.

Image 2818


Hi David, have you looked at making channels "public"  ? You have to be careful how to use it in relation to calculation order but it could solve the problem you are referring to. 

Happy to support you looking at this if you want.


Thanks, but it doesn't really solve a problem. I just hope for better sub blocks handling in a future update.